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CMS School Counselor

CMS School Counselor:

Denise McQuerter
(573) 683-3728 / fax: (573) 683-2915

About Ms. McQuerter:

Denise McQuerter is the counselor for both Warren E. Hearnes Elementary (PK-3) and Charleston Middle School (4-6). 
Every child gets to meet with Ms. McQuerter on a bi-weekly basis, where she completes group guidance lessons on topics like goal-setting, SMART goals, and developing a growth mindset.
Students also learn to identify their own emotions and recognize how others may feel through facial expressions, body language, and words. While discussing emotions, students are encouraged to consider ways to help others and how we all may need different things depending on how we feel. 

Counselor Resources:

Updated 2024-03