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CHS School Counselor


Heather Brooks, CHS Counselor
[email protected]
(573) 683-3761 / fax: (573) 683-2907

My Role:

As a school counselor, my role consists of meeting with students individually, in small groups,
through classroom lessons, and school-wide events. I help all students apply academic
achievement strategies, manage emotions, apply interpersonal skills, and plan for post-secondary
options. I collaborate with administration, teachers, and support staff to ensure that student needs
are addressed and met. 

Direct counseling roles include providing assistance and support for students during times of
transition, heightened stress, crisis, peer conflicts, academic interventions, critical change, or
other situations impeding student success.

CHS Career and Educational Planning Guide:



You can book an appointment with Mrs. Brooks by contacting her directly:
Office: 573-683-3761

Graduation Requirements:

4 Language Arts (including English I, II, III)
3 Mathematics
3 Science (including physical science and biology)
3 Social Studies (including World History, American Government, and American History)
1 Fine Art
1 Practical Art
1 Physical Education
0.5 Personal Finance
0.5 Health
7 General Electives
24 Total Credits

**All diplomas require 8 semesters of attendance. Note: All seniors must pass 5 out of 7 classes second semester in order to graduate. If you do not pass at least 5 out of 7 classes, you must earn at least 1 credit by one of the following:
  • Summer School
  • Correspondence class
  • Attendance at school the following semester

Grade Classification:

Ninth Grade or Freshman Status ... Under 6 credits 
Tenth Grade or Sophomore Status ... Minimum of 6 credits 
Eleventh Grade or Junior Status ... Minimum of 11 credits 
Twelfth Grade or Senior Status ... Minimum of 17 credits
Updated 2021-09