Board of Education


As elected representatives of the citizens of the Charleston R-I School District, the seven-member Board of Education serves as the governing body for the community’s public school system. The school board sets district policies, selects the superintendent of schools, adopts the annual budget, and determines the tax rate.

An annual school board election is held in April. Board members serve three-year overlapping terms with two or three members elected each year. School board members receive no salary and are committed and concerned citizens who devote countless hours working on behalf of the children and the educational interests of Charleston R-I residents.


Board Agendas & Summaries:



To review Charleston R-I School District Policies, visit: 
Charleston R-I Policies

Regular Meetings: 

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend regular meetings and board workshops. Executive session meetings, which are closed to the public in accordance with Missouri Sunshine Law, are scheduled as required to deal with student, personnel, property, and legal matters.

Meeting Information:

Date: Third Thursday of each month
Time: 6:00pm for Closed Session, 6:30pm for Open Session
Location: Board of Education Meeting Room, Charleston R-I Central Office, 311 E. Tom Brown Street, Charleston, Missouri

Mission Statement:

The Charleston R-I School District will strive to achieve excellence in education by focusing on:
     - Meeting student needs in achieving educational success.
     - Establishing programs that enable students to apply technology competently.
     - Meeting student needs in the communication of ideas and feelings.
     - Enhancing individual personal responsibility.
     - Involving parents and community in the education of students.
     - Fostering a safe environment for students and teachers that will be conductive to a proper atmosphere for learning.

Board Members:

In alphabetical order by last name: Evin Burke (President), Cade Coon, Hamil Corse, Angela Duenne (Vice President), Preston Moore, Matthew Morrow, and Portia Zellars (Treasurer).


Summer Babb
Secretary, Board of Education
Updated 2022-06