CHS Career Exploration Month

October is "Career Exploration Month" at Charleston High School. The month will feature targeted lessons, field trips, visits from college representatives, guest speakers, a special day-long event, and more.
The month will feature targeted lessons, field trips, visits from college representatives, guest speakers, a special day-long event, and more.
Mrs. Kathy Browning, CHS Principal, says she hopes this can help students and parents transition from high school to whatever is next, whether it is college or a career.
"It's never too early to be thinking ahead," says Browning. "We want to give families the tools they need to take the next steps."
Career Exploration Day will be held on October 25 to help wrap up the month (more details will follow). This will feature a morning of presenters followed by an afternoon of family fun, food, and helpful resources.
Career Exploration Month
List of Activities:
Note: Items with an asterisk (*) have been updated since the original post.
Oct 1-31 …… RTI Focuses on Career Exploration - Grades 9-12, Twice per week in October during RTI Time
Oct 1-5 …… Apply CHS Week - Grade 12 students will explore college / job application processes and more.
Oct 2 (Tue) …… Army Recruiter During Lunch
*Oct 3 (Wed) …… University Choir Rehearsal - Choir students @ SEMO River Campus
*Oct 5 (Fri) …… Animal Science Exploration Day - Select students @ University of Missouri
Oct. 11 (Thu) …… Job Fair (Sponsored by Sikeston Regional Chamber of Commerce) - Select Grade 12 students @ Clinton Building, Sikeston
Oct. 17 (Wed) …… Senior Training Day - All Grade 12 students will be doing an activity, including an ACT Training Program, ACT Work Keys assessment, and development for job application and interview skills.
Oct. 18 (Thu) …… Junior Achievement Aspire (Sponsored by AT&T) - Select students will visit a call center in Cape to learn about the importance of an education, job interview skills, and more.
Oct. 22 (Mon) …… College Fair (Sponsored by Sikeston Public Schools) - Select Grades 11-12 students
Oct. 23 (Tue) …… JAG Leadership Conference - Paragould, AR, for select JAG students
Oct. 24 (Wed) …… Mizzou College Rep. Day - Grade 12, 2:30 to 3:00pm
Oct. 25 (Thu) …… Career Exploration Day. We are making the most of this half day of school! This two-part day is centered around college and career readiness, featuring a morning activity for students and an afternoon activity for parents/families. See the three items below:
In the morning, students will explore occupations and learn about different career paths at the CHS Career Exploration Fair. For Grades 9-12 students only.
EARLY DISMISSAL - 12:00pm - All grades.
P/T Conferences - FAFSA Frenzy - Breakout Sessions - Booths
During the Career Workshop, parents and students are invited to participate in Parent/Teacher Conferences, FAFSA Frenzy, breakout sessions, and booths. Giveaways and prizes will be available, plus food and refreshments!
Oct. 27 (Sat) …… ACT Date
Oct. 30 (Tue) ……. Cape Construction Career Day (Sponsored by MODOT) - For Select Students
Oct. 31 (Wed) …… Halloween Career Path Dress-Up Day - Grades 9-12, Dress up like your career path!