Teachers Visit Community at 1st Annual Bus Bash

The 1st Annual Bus Bash was held on August 10, 2018. School employees handed out candy, shared school information, visited with families, and got a chance to become familiar with the neighborhoods that make up the district.

Buses full of teachers were sent to Wyatt, Wilson City, Bertrand, the Bowden Center (Charleston), Rolwing Park (Charleston), and Anniston.

The highest attended locations were found in Charleston. Parents and students who met at Rolwing Park enjoyed a peaceful, shady spot to visit, while those meeting at the Bowden Center were surprised with an open fire hydrant to play in.

Community feedback was very positive, and organizers are hopeful that this will turn into an annual project.

The school would like to thank the following: Catrina Woodworth and OPAA! Food Service, SRO Brenda Bickford and Charleston Department of Public Safety, R-I bus drivers, and all who participated.