ALERT: Safety Measures Announced

Superintendent Williams and other district leaders have spent the past 24 hours responding to yesterday's incident, where an alternative school student brought a firearm to school and discharged it into the ground at the Charleston High School athletic complex.
Yesterday afternoon, Williams and Board President Evin Burke called an emergency school board meeting to discuss safety plans. 
This morning, Williams held another meeting with school administrators and local law enforcement to discuss and implement safety initiatives for the rest of the school year.
Safety measures that will be taken, effective immediately, and until further notice, include the following:
- Metal detectors will be used at Charleston Jr. / Sr. High School (7-12) for all students upon entrance daily.
- Backpacks, book bags, purses, and other personal bags are not allowed district-wide. 
- Student-athletes may only bring athletic gear to school in approved bags, which must be immediately placed in an approved location upon arrival. During bus travel, bags must be placed in an approved location. 
Charleston’s Alternative School program is currently being reviewed.
Williams says parents and students can find a list of crisis resources at
On Thursday, Williams and administrators plan to meet with district employees to discuss plans and address any concerns that they may have.