Equipment / Technology Sealed Bid Request

The scope of work should be as follows:
Item I
Item Description
Mass communication intercom system at HS and MS, upgrades to IP based system, speakers, and digital display around the buildings, immediate report to police.

# of Items - 1
Budget Narrative - The intercom system being installed is integrated with a mass communication and emergency notification system. This installation provides speakers, digital displays, flashing lights, and pre-recorded announcements. When activated, all Items begin displaying the emergency message to students and staff inside and outside of the building. Immediate notification goes to the police department and whoever else the district needs to communicate with via email, text messages, or voice messages. The system can integrate with other security systems and makes it a state-of-the-art communication and Integrated Security system. Exterior signage at Hs and Ms as well, sign in front with hot buttons to see, the school would interact with the sign on the outside for the predetermined notifications. District access to lockdown and mass communication of an emergency, which immediately notifies the police, sheriff's office and pre-recorded announcements and message board statements. Each administrator will have access to a control panel that can activate and control all emergency announcements and digital display announcements.

This insulation includes all engineering, installation, equipment, hard work, software, testing, training, and all labor associated with the intercom system IP based speakers and digital displays for mass communication.
Item 2
Item description
Camera system replacement, IP based and new cameras, with additional cameras, integrated with police access for emergencies.

# of Items - 1
Budget Narrative - This is a state-ot-the-art IP based camera video surveillance system with analytics to the server software that allows administrators to be able to view, be alerted, and investigate any reports needing video analysis efficiently and effectively. This system also provides integration with law enforcement in the case of an emergency. Our partnership with our police department has already identified that we can install viewing capability and linkage to the police command vehicle when needed. The police would not be viewing cameras on a normal basis unless there was a call for service, a reported emergency, or suspicious activity involving school safety. The need for this more advanced camera system was identified in vulnerability assessments and by our school safety team. It should be noted that the central office is also used as an educational setting for students and staff. 

Item 3
Item Description
Integrated electronic access control system for exterior and interior doors.

# of Items - 1
Budget Narrative - This proposal was developed to address the gaps and needs as identified in the sustained efforts of the school district and community safety committee. Exterior door security and interior door security locks the ability to keep doors always locked, but allows quick access for staff to move throughout. An electronic Access Control system, programmable through a key fob or a card key access system, can provide staff the quick and easy access to normal activity in a school setting. These installations will be at the district office, which also serves as an educational standing for students and staff, the high school, and the middle school. Exterior doors will be installed that will provide fewer main entrances with electronic access control. Interior doors that would control visitor management and other necessary area controls will be installed. The benefits of an electronic access control system are that keys to access the buildings no longer need to be copied or changed. If a person separates from the organization, their key fob can be turned off, and we no longer have a worry of access. This will also hold true for those who may exhibit threats or threatening behavior. Law enforcement will have key fobs, and if the fire department needs to enter the building at any time, key fobs will be placed in the Knox Box for each school building. This proposal includes all labor, installation, software, testing, training, and all aspects of the project by the vendor selected.
Interested parties should respond no later than March 21, 2024.

Bid Proposal can be sent to Mr. Jamarcus Williams, Superintendent, via email at [email protected] or via mail to Charleston R-I Central Office, C/O Mr. Jamarcus Williams, 311 E. Tom Brown St. / P.O. Box 39, Charleston, MO 63834.