Attention CHS Parents/Guardians: Please see the following letter from Mr. Williams regarding a change to CHS mobile device procedures.

April 3, 2022
Beginning Monday, April 4, 2022, we will be adjusting our procedures at Charleston High School permanently. Students will be asked either to not bring their phones to school or to check them into the office until the day is over. Students can opt-out of either option and choose to keep their phones in their possession turned off and out of sight throughout the entirety of the school day. However, if the phone is sighted, it will be confiscated.
This includes smartwatches and any other devices that connect them to the internet. Students that check phones into the office may pick them up each day upon dismissal. As always, if student-parent contact is needed you may call the office.
This change is due to many factors, a few of which are listed below:
- Students taking videos and pictures of other students and posting them on social media,
- Students using phones in several different ways to cheat on tests and other assignments, students using phones while in bathrooms and locker rooms, airdropping random or inappropriate photos during lunch to random people, 
- Large amount of conflicts that begin on social media or through text messages
As always, we feel the best way to contact your child throughout the day is to call the office for any types of messages or changes to their normal bus/pickup routine. We will make sure your message is delivered to your child promptly.
Student devices will be locked up and returned upon dismissal or they may choose to not bring them at all. Any student who violates this new procedure will have their phone confiscated and a parent or guardian will be required to pick it up. With any violations, we will adhere to the current discipline hierarchy in place.  Any student who chooses not to comply will be assigned to ISS or OSS.
I appreciate your support in this as we strive to help our children understand the importance of their education and the need to disconnect from the electronic distractions that take away from their learning. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me.
Jamarcus Williams
Charleston High School Principal