Charleston R-I Announces Mask Mandate

The mask mandate is for indoor spaces and outdoors only when unable to social distance. The mask mandate is not required during meal time or socially distanced physical activity. Mask breaks will be provided to all individuals at various points during the day, but only when able to social distance and outdoors if possible. The mask mandate does not include times when students are actively participating in sports, at recess when students are able to socially distance, when public speaking, or if individuals have a medical condition which prohibits them from wearing a mask.
The masks must be worn correctly. Masks must cover the nose and mouth and secured under the chin. Medical masks and cloth mask with 2 or more layers are acceptable. They are required at all times on buses which Includes teams traveling to and from schools
Each building administrative team is working together to come up with appropriate consequences for individuals in violation of this mandate.
The mandate was passed by the Board during a special meeting on November 12 in reaction to Governor Mike Parson’s announcement of K-12 quarantine guideline changes. The mandate and guidelines pertain to all individuals and spaces at Charleston High School, Charleston Middle School, Warren E. Hearnes Elementary, and other district properties.