SOLAR Day Tee Shirts 2019

This year's design comes from a Hearnes Elementary 5th grader, the winner of the SOLAR Day Tee Shirt Design Contest!
ANYONE can purchase a shirt and support SOLAR Day - - teachers, alumni, high school helpers, community members, etc. - - for only $10 each. Plus, each 5th Grade student in participating schools is eligible to receive a free SOLAR Day tee shirt (these students will receive a separate form in their classroom).
SOLAR Day has been celebrating "all things outdoors" since 1986, making it among the longest-lasting traditions in Charleston R-I School District's history. Our local Kindergarten, 3rd and 5th grade students will learn about conservation practices, Missouri natural resources, and more - all from local professionals and enthusiasts.
SOLAR Day is a project of Mr. B.J. Babb, Title I Parent Liaison / Communications Specialist.